Thinking about removing gas fireplace

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Thinking about removing gas fireplace

I would like some opinions here, as there are so many factors ive read about.

Our living room is fairly big (Compared to our last house), but has a large bay type window on the front facing wall next to the front door, then the right wall has the staircase, and coat closet, and then the left wall has a fireplace thats taking up ALOT of space.

Ideally, I would love this wall to be open to put a large entertainment center, and my TV, while having a sectional couch along the wall parallel to it.

My inspector told me that for this fireplace to be used, some of the bricks/mortar inside would need to be replaced, along with basically the whole gas setup that sits inside. The gas to the fireplace is off at the meter i'm assuming, as there is no gas coming in the box.

The bricks and mantle of the fireplace stick out about 12-14" from the wall, and the whole setup is VERY outdated. (We are young, and prefer more of a modern style)

The tiles in front of the fireplace are awful as well, theyre like a brownish orange color, stained, dirty and the wood trim has seen better days, looks like it was chewed on by a dog or something.

Our house was vacant for 5-6 years before we bought it last year, and most everything is new, so this fireplace is really just an eyesore.

I am not worried about the small decrease in value when I sell the house, since the thing would probably need more than that just to be functional before cosmetically overhauling it.

I grew up with wood fireplaces, and loved them, which makes me like this gas one even less. Seems like it would be expensive to run, and not even give the warmth and feeling of a good wood fire. I know wood is frowned upon in todays day and age, so I don't care to convert it either.

There is an outlet on top of the mantle, built in, so that would be relocated to the drywall that would replace the unit. I would still find somewhere to cap the gas line off, but my question would be more of the demolishing part. Do I just smash the bricks off the wall basically? And how about the actual fireplace itself, does that box get removed with the bricks? It would have to for the wall to be smooth and flush. What about the flute, do I cover that with something?

Once that is done, I just essentially build a frame out of 2x4's and then put some insulation in, and drywall over it?

I will attach some pics later on.
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Just demolish whatever you have. I think that you meant a flue not a flute. You'll have to have the stack sealed one way or another, I would call a chimney guy for that.

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