2 Holes in Chimney Flue - Repair Question

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2 Holes in Chimney Flue - Repair Question

To whom this may concern,

I have recently gone into my attic, after the city inspector did 2 years before me. The inspector told me that everything is good up there. But I have some issues. The chimney was used a long time ago for something (maybe wood burning stove, not sure.) I saw a hole leading to my attic from right next to the hot water heater and followed it up. What I found is a hole in the side of my flue leading into the attic. The flue looks to have lining inside and is made of cement with rebar all around it holding the cement. I also have a hole in the chimney on the back side of the roof. See attached photo. [

My questions:
1. How do I fill a hole in the flue when the flue is concrete? I assume it is not safe venting my water heater into the attic.

2. How do I fill the hole on the chimney on my roof? (See attached photo)

3. Whoever installed the hot water heater did not install screws into the duct going into flue, nor attached the duct to the flue (I can pull it out with my bare hands.) He did however tape the ducting (with silver tape). How can I attach it? What screws do I need to attach it to the water heater? And how can I attach it to the flue? (See attached images)

I can take pictures of the flue venting into the attic but I have been sick these past couple days since going up there.

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Thank you for all your help,
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Your structure on the roof is rotted. It looks to be made of wood framing and covered with mesh and then plastered. It looks like the water has rusted the mesh and has followed inside and has rotted the chimney at the roof line.

I don't know what condition the flue is in or the situation in the attic without a picture but if it has a hole it's leaking deadly gas into your house.
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Update with pictures of the hole in the attic


Is it possible they used wood as a capping even though the entire flue is concrete on the outside (seen in the attic.) See pictures below, I also have a picture of the area under the roof where the hole is. Although I did not see any leaks inside the attic from the hole in the chimney on the roof. We had a bad rain storm 2 nights ago and my attic along with the first floor were completely dry.

On the right side of the chimney pictures (right by the white wires) is directly under where the hole is in the chimney.

Also what could I use to fill the hole in the chimney? I figured it was leaking deadly gasses but I am not sure what to fill it with. Will I need to turn off the hot water heater while filling it? And do I attach the ducting going from the hot water heater to the flue?

Thank you for your fast and helpful reply,

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