Gas fireplace adjustment without hi/low switch

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Gas fireplace adjustment without hi/low switch

Hi, we want to lower the flames/heat a bit in our gas fireplace, and are very newbie - especially with gas fireplaces.

However, we don't seem to have a Hi/Low switch on the fireplace.

For the moment, I've adjusted the valve control down between pilot & on to reduce the incoming gas, but I don't even know if that's advisable.

We have a Heat N Glo SL-550TR, which was installed by the previous owner. I do not know the age. There is an on/off rocker switch on the wall to turn on without opening the bottom of the fireplace; I don't know if there was ever a remote hooked up to it.

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I can see a screw where I believe the hi/low control would normally be; is that safe to turn and would it adjust the flame?

Can a hi/low switch be added onto this unit? And is it a DIY project or should we be talking to a professional?

Do you have any other suggestions that we could look into?

Thank you so much.
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The gascock cannot be used as a regulating device. Gas pressure can be adjusted via the main gas control valve but a manometer must be used to verify gas pressure is kept within the manufacturers tolerances.
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Hi Roughneck. Thank you for the response, and please excuse the gaps in my understanding; first house and first gas fireplace.

To confirm my terminology - the gascock is the red knob on the gas line that is the gas shutoff, correct? We aren't trying to use that, we used the black valve control (off, pilot, on). Is that what you mean by the main gas control valve?

I'm unfamiliar with manometers and using them, so I guess I have some research to do there.

That big metal flat-head screw next to the black valve control and below the red ignition button (or whatever the correct term is for what sparks the pilot) appears to be where the hi/low switch would otherwise be installed - what is it and is it safe to adjust?

Is there an easy way to tell if there was ever a remote or other way of regulating the output installed?
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That big silver screw is the cover over the gas pressure adjustment. It can be reduced there but there is no easy way to make it variable or easily controlled. The fireplace would normally be ordered as an adjustable flame model.
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Got it - so it isn't a matter of adding onto or replacing the controls, it would have to be made that way in the first place. A little disappointing but understandable.

Thank you Pjmax and Roughneck for the information.

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