Attempting to remove wood fireplace insert


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Attempting to remove wood fireplace insert

I hope I'm asking in the right place! We are trying to remove our old wood burning fireplace from our prefab built cove/wall. We're finally going to install a gas one. I am definitely having trouble as to what to do to remove this thing though. I was kind of expecting it to easily detach from the liner that goes up to the top, but it looks solid/rigid all the way up the inside. (No easy detach near my flue)

It's a 20 year old Majestic unit, no serial (Either removed by previous owners when they decided to throw away original doors or its been destroyed.) And since I don't want to ruin my chase cap yet (Because its raining every other day right now) I'm unsure if I can remove the liner entirely without risking water damage.

Is there something I'm missing looking up into my unit? Theres OSB board on the other side of my drywall that's against my house. I'll have to cut through it when I move up the horizontal stud. All of this is new to me. Let me know if I'm doing something wrong, if you've gone through this before, or just tell me flat out I need to get someone to do the full removal for me. Thank you!

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I would say you need to get on the roof and in the attic and start separating some pipe. It's all sitting on top of the unit.
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This thing is built into what looks like an add on. The exterior has it not touching the ground, and the entire chase is its own unit. But I see what you mean. The whole thing will have to be pulled out to get this fireplace out.

I just don't know how they attached the unit itself to the vent pipe. It had to have been done some how, and I can see the exterior vent (the image showing where we hacked off where it was bolted) and the interior vent. How did they ship it for install in the first place? I appreciate the help! I'm still hoping there's something I can do. The solid chase cap won't arrive until my unit does.

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