Suspect a roof leak - would appreciate advice

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Suspect a chimney leak - would appreciate advice

Background first:

House is 40 years old. We have 2 fireplaces - one on main level and one in finished basement. Both have gas logs, but neither has been used for over 5 years because most of the time we just don't need the supplemental heat. Pilot lights have been off.

For about 2 -3 weeks, particularly the next day following a hard rain, we have noticed a dank, musty odor coming from the fireplace area on the main level fireplace, but not on the one below. Looking in the fireplace now (it rained hard yesterday) I see no evidence of water anywhere, but probably need to look during the next significant thunderstorm.

About 6 weeks ago, we had our roof replaced and obviously as part of that job had new flashing installed around the fireplace/roof junction.

Question: My plan is to call the roofer first to see if there may be some connection between the roof job and our new found odor. Will he likely also be able to tell me what the problem is if it's not the roof/flashing, or will I need to call a chimney person for that?

Question2: If it is not the flashing or roof itself and the timing is simply coincidental, what are other potential causes?

Thank you very much.

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If there is no evidence of water anywhere I dont think you will get anywhere with the roofer. You would need to get in the attic around the chimney and look or feel around for dampness. He's not going to investigate anything, nor would I on just a "suspicion".

Chimneys can also leak at the cap, which is nothing to do with the roof or flashing. So I'd suggest you do your homework first or it will go nowhere.
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Is there one chimney or two? If one chimney, does each fireplace have its own flue to the top of the chimney?

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