New gas fireplace feeble flames

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New gas fireplace feeble flames

I just had my wood burning fireplace converted to gas. The equipment used was Real Fyre G45 burner and 18" Royal English Oak vented log set. After installation I was rather disappointed to see that hardly any flames were visible around the logs leaving them mostly in the dark. The most significant visual interest was created by the embers which were glowing and showed flames around them. In my mind, the viewer's attention and focus should be directed to logs, with embers being a side show. The contractor is essentially doing some hand waving saying this is the way it's supposed to work. He sent me a company video showing the burning logs.
However, I'm not getting the same visual for my fireplace, see pics below. What are my options at this point?

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Are you able to return the unit you have now?

Did you view a real live version of the gas logs in operation before you bought? I find that most/all don't live up to their marketing photographs so it's a matter of picking what you think is best. It is possible that what you are seeing is normal for that model.

You could also have another tech check your unit out. They could make sure it's correctly configured (LP/NG) and setup properly.

I'm shopping for a new gas stove now and am spending a lot of time driving to visit different showrooms and see them in person. One thing I've noticed is that flames only rise so high above their source. It doesn't matter too much if it's a exposed steel burner or flames on top of embers or glass chips. The flames seem to max out at about 6" high. So in picking a stove I want that 6" of flame visible and not covered or blocked by a chunky log set. Some companies are better about positioning their flame around and in front of the logs where they are visible while other companies the flame seems to get lost in the log set.
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I have a gas insert after years of a wood burning fire. We too spent a lot of time looking for what we wanted, a wood fire type flame without the hassle of wood. We never found it. We finally compromised and ended up with not as much flame as we wanted but more heat than we expected.

Watching the video it sounds like they are selling the radiant heat from the log set more than the ambiance of a gas flame. The flame in the video seems to be significantly higher than your photo so it is probably a good idea to get a gas guy to check out your install. Personally, I think the log set is poorly designed for displaying a flame.
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Sorry.... that video is not realistic. It's showing a roaring flame.
That is not the case with a standard gas fireplace insert where the burner is down low.

The G-45 shows as an outside burner assembly.
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Pilot Dane, unfortunately, the unit is not returnable. The invoice states - no returns, exchanges or credits on non-stock, custom or special order items. The contractor ordered this particular unit from the factory. I did not see a real live version of the gas logs in operation, but rather other samples he had on display.

cwbuff and Pilot Dane, the contractor finally responded to my emails. He said he'll send his tech next week to take a look and make adjustments.

PJmax, what is an outside burner assembly?

This unit has manual ignition with a standing pilot. One issue I'm encountering is that the knob has to be pushed in and then turned from On position to Pilot. Unless it is pushed in just the right amount, it won't turn. After the fireplace has been going for a while, it requires quite a bit of fiddling to turn it to the Pilot position. In the meantime, my hand is getting roasted, a rather nasty experience.

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