Will hardwood flooring stiffen up bouncy floor


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Will hardwood flooring stiffen up bouncy floor

We are remodeling the upper floor of our mid-80's built colonial. The floor joists are 8" with 16"oc. There is a room below one of the upstairs rooms that has a 14 foot span. When we bounce (a little) on the floor upstairs, the whole area shakes. Also, the ceiling of the room below moves as well. In addition, you can see some of the ceiling seams. I don't know the building code, but it seems as though that particular floor is pretty flimsy.

We are debating putting carpeting upstairs or hardwood flooring (3/4"). I was wondering if I should put another layer of subflooring in the upstairs rooms or, if we decide hardwood is the way we go for finished flooring, can we rely on the strength of the hardwood flooring to stiffen the floor? Or, do I have to do something drastic like re-inforce the floor joists?

I think I have to do something or the downstairs ceilings will be forever showing their seams.
Thanks in advance.

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Hello Lance,

I would suggest you add another layer of 5/8" TIG subfloor sheeting in that area glued & screwed down & make sure the sheets span over all of the seams in the bottom layer. This will stiffen that floor up quite a bit, just installing your hardwood would help stiffen the floor much & the installation wouldn't meet the flooring manufacturer's specs.

Hope that helps, but please to post back if you still have questions.
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I istalled 5/8 inch plywood

over bouncy 3/4 x 6 boards. The floor is very firm now and ready for 3/4 inch hardwood flooring. I used coarse thread screws and drilled to the joists. Re-setting the existing nails in the 3/4 x 6 boards took the squeeks out.

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