Framing Long Walls


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Framing Long Walls

I'm about to start building a 24' wall for my three season porch, but I'm not 100% sure how to do a couple things. The wall is 24' long, but I don't have 2x4's long enough for the top or bottom plate. I assume in those situations you just use two pieces to make up the length you need, but I'm not exactly sure how you join the pieces together. My first thought was to cut the ends at 45 degrees, join them at a stud and nail through both pieces. Or is there another method that's preferred, like maybe building the wall in sections? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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When framing a wall make sure the seams break on a stud. The bottom plate is secured to he floor and the top plate is held together by the double plate that spans the joint. Hope this helps and good luck
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You can just build it

in sections. For example you can build it in 3 8' sections or 2 12' sections. If you build it all in one section then you could splice the plates together. Either make sure that there is a stud over the splices or place blocking under the splice piece.
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Take it easy...

Ok first things first... When you build a long section, you need to make it manageable for you... I would recommend that you build it in sections if you don't have enough help to build it and raise it evenly all at once... Now as for the framing... You don't need to have one piece of lumber long enough for the whole span... And please forget about the 45 degree thing it is too much work and really not how you do it correctly... The easiest way is to put the split on a stud... In other words, cut the ends square and use one-half of the stud... Nail the plate onto the stud and make sure that you leave one-half of it open for the other end... Then when you put the other section of the wall on, you make sure that you but the plate ends together and you will have built a correct wall section... One thing though, try and not put the splices where any doors and/or windows happen to be... Once you have the wall up and anchored to the floor, then you will tie your wall in all together by using the second top plate... Make sure that you allow yourself enough room in the wall to keep it the right height...

Good Luck and Good Building..

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Thanks for all the advice. I framed the 24' wall in 2 sections, one 8' long, the other 16'. It took three people, but we got them lifted into place and anchored down. The only problem we had was lining up the anchor bolts. I measured each bolt 3 times and made a jig to center the holes properly, but they were still off just enough that it took some gentle persuading with a hammer to get the wall down. The rest of the framing is done now too, we're just waiting for the inspector to check our work before we go on to the shingles and the rest of the building.

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