Leveling floor of old house

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Question Leveling floor of old house

Hi all,
I have this old house (1915) and i want to put a new floating stratified floor over the old wooden floor. But there's a 2in difference between one side of the kitchen to the other.

So I was going to use a self-leveling compound to do the trick, but i wonder if it's a good idea to add that extra weight on the weakest part of this house. The actual floor is 3in thick on 3X9.

And if you think it's not a good idea, what about lying down layers of rigid styrofoam? Or any suggestions?

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Hello and welcome to the forums, sorry your post got overlooked, we usually try to respond a little quicker.

You say you've got 3"x9" joists? Any idea what kind of wood and what's the spacing, and what is the condition of the joists (splits, cracks, etc. aren't good)? What's on top of that, surely the subflooring isn't 3" thick, or is it, long time since 1915, so anything is possible I understand.

Post back with some more detail. Is this over a basement or a crawlspace, what type of foundation, what's the exact size of the floor joists, the spacing, & what's the longest span that they run? What's the subfloor made of probably multiple layers, just give us as much info as you can & I'm sure we can come up with a solution. But I wouldn't just jump in there & start pouring slc, 2" is a pretty thick pour on that IMO.
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Question more details

Hi awesomedell,

So here's some precisions. Frist, I'm working on the 2nd floor. The joists are 3X9 every 30in but i have no clue about the kind of wood or conditions. Over this, there's 2 layers of 1 1/4 X 6 planks then a 1/4 plywood. This is a 6 appartements building so the joists are going from outside wall to the interior starway (the full building is 23X82). In the middle of this appartment there's a crossing joists under the joists but I cannot tell what it is exaclty).The level problem is just aside from the starway so this main starway wall probably sunk over the years. In the basement we can see this but it seems it's not moving for years now. And the problem is touching a room and a part of the hallway.
I don't want the perfect level, I just want to put my floating floor, it's for rent. So what are my options?

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You mentioned Styrofoam...

Roofing contractors use custom-beveled Styrofoam to repitch a flat roof, so it is conceivable to do that to your floor.

It could be balloon frame construction, in that case your problem could be insidious. It may be that the attachment of floor to wall is pulling away and dropping. I suggest getting a thorough understanding of why the floor is dropping before attempting a remedy.
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Foundation Repair Help

I was wondering if it's possible to level a back porch addition yourself. Basically, I have a 10 x 12 foot slab addition to an old pier and beam home. A screened-in porch area was added. Nonetheless, is it possible to level the porch yourself? I got a quote from Bedrock Foundation to fix it and the quote sounds reasonable enough: $1,750 for "pressure pilings"? to level the slab. I live in the Dallas area for anyone who can help. We tend to have clay issues around here, so the back porch goes askew everytime it rains or droughts in the Dallas area.

Any help is appreciated.


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Dallas Clay Soils

You may want to get a second opinion. $1,750 seams like a lot to spend for a 10 x 12 porch.

Sometimes foundation movement can be solved with some simple drainage work. Is the slab cracked? How much does it move seasonally?


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