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Hello, I recently purchased a 1950's bungalow and would like to rid myself of the posts in the basement. The current joists are 2x10's on 16 inch c's, and are supported by a steel beam that spans the length of the house. Smack in the middle are two unsightly posts.

I have been looking into options to retrofit steel floor joists beside the existing wood joists in order to span the width without posts. The current width of the house is 27 feet x 43.7 feet long (outside brick).

If I can use the steel joists, the only problem is getting them in! Can I support the new steel joists with a stud wall around the perimeter? The ceiling hight is 8 feet, and if I go with 12 inch steel joists it can span 25.2 feet without posts.

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JMO, but I don't think what you're proposing is a sound idea. A better solution would be to build a 2"x2" frame around the posts & hang drywall on them, & finish them to suit. Like I say just my $.02 worth!
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this is all about a pool table?
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You know Steve I've had this discussion with clients before in my business & the pool table is just about always why they want the posts out of the middle of the basement.

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