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Big problem need advice...Remodeling again...(Flood Victim)

I have a concrete sub-floor that has terracotta (spelling) was laid on top..What I have done in the past is put a layer of felt paper on top for a moisture barrier..(We live in the South, Very humid... Floor sweats..) I then put a layer of 3/4 " plywood on top and tried to use concrete nails to anchor down..In doing this in the past it is my experience that the Terracotta floor shatters under the plywood and we hear a squeek when we walk on the floor..
Like I said we have recently flooded and need to make changes in floor and I'm wanting to try something else..I see my big problem is trying to anchor plywood to Terracotta Floor..I was wondering if they had some kind of glue or something that I could anchor plywood to terracotta..My problem is needing some type of moisture barrier between the terracotta and the plywood..Is their a way that I could seal terracotta floor so that I would not need a moisture barrier...I need to get this done and I'm looking for something anything that will work..

Need help in Louisiana
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Hello Michael & welcome to the forums.

Are you wanting to come back over this floor with a wood subfloor & carpet, or finished wood flooring, tile, what?

There are products you could lay down under tile that would solve your problem, but from the title of your thread it seems you're not wanting to go in that direction.

Have you considered tearing out everything down to the slab & starting from scratch. Sounds like that terracotta would come up pretty quick with an electric jackhammer or even a sledge hammer for that matter.
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Michael L
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Thanks, for your reply , I will try to be more specific...

What I would like to do is put a layer of 3/4" plywood back down, as this height will be need to match existing height of area in the other (4) directions..I would then lay carpet on over the plywood...
Is the product that you are talkin about is a type of "Durarock are hardi backer board??? and If so how could I secure it to the Tarazzo tile?

I guess I could do as you possibly suggested and break out the Tarrazzo tile and secure the backer board down with concrete nails and then put carpet on top of that.. I'm just rambling with no apparent direction.. Could you spell it out for me??

Best Regards,

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