Plywood over plywood to decrease bounce


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Plywood over plywood to decrease bounce

We've got a family room in a six year old home that has a little bounce in the floor. In addition, there are some depressions that creak in the current plywood subfloor under carpeting.

So, I'm hoping to add another layer of plywood flooring to reduce bounce and eliminate the depressions (and creaks).

What's the strongest, lightest type of plywood to use for this?

Also, what's the best way to lay it as to reduce squeaks? Screwing it down into the joists or is screwing it into the existing subfloor enough?

I'm assuming an adhesive is a requirement, also.

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KurtVA welcome to the forum

Iím not entirely sure that the extra plywood will help with the bounce. The bounce is most likely due to joist size and span. What is under this family room (basement / crawl space)? It might be best to sure up the joists. Give us a little more info on the joist sizing, span, if they are on 16 o.c. and location. As for the squeaks, it sounds like smooth shank nails or staples were used to nail the sub floor. It will need to be screwed directly into the joistís to stop the squeaks. Hope this helps a little and do respond with that other info.
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I agree with Homer, but w/o knowing the specifics of the flooring joists size, spacing & span it's not possible to be sure. However if they're are at least 2"x8" or 2"x10" on 16" centers and reasonable span, say under 12' another layer of 5/8" TIG subflooring glued & screwed to the joist will stiffen it up quite a bit. However as we've said more specific info would be needed to provided a detailed solution to your problem.

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