Concerned about new sunroom's foundation


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Concerned about new sunroom's foundation

We're having our old screen porch converted into a sunroom and also made larger. The existing porch had a nice cement foundation, very thick. For the add-on part they just put in three cement footings (or whatever they're called) and built it out of wood. There is no "bottom" to this floor. I asked if they were going to put a wood bottom on it to ENCLOSE it and they said, "No, wood will rot." (well, the whole THING is made from wood. Am I missing something here? Can't you buy pressure treated plywood? Maybe not???) He said the bottom would be styrofoam with the floor insulation on top of that and then covered with the plywood floor boards.

So, my concern is we live in the country. We have a TON of pocket gophers and chipmunks - a TON. In fact, I've already seen them running into this area. We also have field mice everywhere (not in the house, but out in the lawn and garden shed, etc.)

With only styrofoam between the ground and the insulation, wouldn't it be super easy for rodents to get into my FLOOR!?!?!

Here is a pic of it right now:

Any advice/thoughts/opinions welcome! Thanks!

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Are you have it inspected by the local building department? Critters are able to chew through wood pretty easy, but if there is concrete around the perimiter you should be allright. However, I would be concerned with ventilation of the area over the exposed dirt.
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That dirt needs to be treated for insects (mainly termites). I would also put down a vapor barrier, either that or it needs vents.

Why didn't you just have concrete poured? That space doesn't look that big, it wouldn't have cost very much to extend the concrete on out.

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