Floor Squeaking

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Floor Squeaking

In the drop ceiling of the basement; there is one steel I beam running 13 from the rear (S) wall of the house. It is 12 from the front (N) wall. It supports the back wall of hallway on the main floor. The hallway divides the main floor F&R. The hallway is approximately 4 wide. When walking on the main floor there is a creaking noise in the floor -along the N wall of the hallway; as well as in the floor on the other side of that wall in the bed room. The floor joists are 2x10 and 16 to 18 center more or less. The floor is made of particle board I dont know its thickness.
There used to be a king size water bed in the room. I imagine the problem may have been caused by it's weight along with the other furniture. Also, I don't believe any water damage was caused before it's being removed.
I guess it sounds mostly like boards, rubbing against one another under pressure; as apposed to the sound of wood cracking. Only the 2X10 floor joists support the N wall.
I imagine the particle board may have cracked, broke or is pinched (-sort of) below the north or front wall. Im not sure what the problem is exactly. Following are some ideas I had.
We tried nailing the floor beneath the carpet; it didnt help. I tried pressing 2x4 blocks between the joists for support on the seems of the particle boards; thinking it might help; it didnt help. I was thinking of trying to wedge some shims, between the floor joists/2x10 and particle board. Well theres no room for shims. On one of the 2x10s there appears to be glue between the 2x10 and partical board. I don't know why that is there.
I also thought to use a floor jack and a 4x4 post to press a new 2x10x8 against the floor from the bottom then bolting the old 2X10 to the new one. After taking another look from the basement, I don't think this would make any difference.
Finally, I wonder if there are two layers of partical boards on the floor; and perhaps the top one is making the noise? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you. OB

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A lot of times squeaking is from the nail shafts sliding in and out of the wood. Did you use smooth shank nails? Try screwing down the floor close to the nails. If you have sub floor 1 to 2-inch drywall screws should do the trick Hope this helps and good luck
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The glue is "liquid nail" and it's there to prevent squeaking. It's true...haha. When nailing 3/4" osb to floor joists ring shanked nails are supposed to be used. Maybe you can verify you/they did use the correct type of nail? Homer is probably right, it's likely a nail rubbing against the floor somehwhere, or a bunch of them. Try using 2x4 or 2x6, liquid nail the side and top of it, put the glued side to the joist and nail it with framing nails (smooth nails). Then go top side and use screws to attach it to the floor. Also, since it seems to be near the beam, check for gaps where the joists meet the top plate of the beam. There shouldn't be gaps between the joists or the joists to the top plate of the beam or the top plate of the beam to the actual beam. Another option is to consider the distance of overlapping joists at the beam. The 2x10 should not hang off the opposite side of the beam by 5 inches. Hopefully the builders crowned the joists? It could really be a lot of things. Typically when I have squeaks in a floor built by myself/crew I go back and (not nail) but screw the crap out of the entire area. It could be a lot of things...could luck.
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Another cause of your problem is that you stated the noise is on both sides of a hallway wall. I have seen in the past that it could be the nails holding down the hallway wall could be shifting also. A good way to fix this is to screw up from underneath the wall through the floor into the bottom plate of the wall in question.

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