Plywood Bending Capability

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Plywood Bending Capability

I have a curved closet wall below a stairway that I need to "beef up" because the wall studs "rack" if a wild teenager is going up the stairs.

The wall is built on a 6' radius. Will 3/8" plywood bend to a 6' radius or do I need to use 1/4" plywood? If I use 1/4" material, should I install 2 layers?

Couldn't find any info on the web of how tight of a radius various thickness' of plywood could be bent to.
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to get it to bend

you are going to have to cut kerfs in the plywood. The amount it will bend will depend on the frequency of those kerfsI think you would get better results from (2) 1/4" pieces with staggered joints than you would with one piece of 3/8"
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You can get the 3/8" ply to curve to that radius, but you'll have to set it on an angle and allow it to sag into the curve. Misting it down with just a bit of water and you might put just a bit of weight on the center to aid the process A half full one gal paint can is what I used for weight. I did this once to build a curved cupuloa for some folks for the top of their house.
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One idea that might work to beef up the wall is by applying sheetrock to the radius what this will do is stop the wall studs on the radius from racking. The way to get sheat rock to bend is to get it wet first. Dont soak it down just get it wet enough to bend. I think this will resolve your problem plus it will be easier to bend and will look nice when completed. You can use probably up to 1/2" rock if the radius isnt to tight. If it is use two layers of 1/4" and offset the seams.

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