SubFloor in Basement...

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SubFloor in Basement...

I am new to this website and a def. newbie to building skills... anyway... I am going to develop a room in my basement which has concrete floors... I was TOLD to use 1X3's and lay plywood on top of it.....

Ok that seems simple enough to me (I am not that bad)... but my question is.. what size of plywood should I use for that?? I will place my 1x3's @ 16inch centers... or I could go closer depending....

Another question... someone told me that using OSB sheets would be just as good... which wouldn't be a bad thing cause its 1/2 the cost...

Anyway...any help would be greatly appreciated....
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For a floor I would use

3/4" Plywood or the equivilant OSB depth. Since you are placing the furring strips on concrete make sure that they are pressure treated. What type of flooring were you planning to place on this? Depending on your desired floor covering you may not have to do this at all.

OSB would be just as good or almost so it doesn't really matter.
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This is what I'm using for my basement. It's almost done, and it's already made a difference in temp and humidity in my basement.

I'll be applying a laminate flooring over the subfloor. Before I just had laminate with padding and a vapour barrier, but I found that the floor expanded and contracted too much.

Not to mention, flooding also ruined my previous flooding, but that a whole can of worms I won't go into.
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I'm planning to do a similar project. Here're a few questions I have.
1. Do I need any moisture barrier under 1x3's? There're no noticable water leaks in my basement though.
2. I'll need to level 1x3's in some places. What's the best way to do this?
3. Do I have to raise my heating unit and put it on top of the new floor or I can just leave it on the concrete and lay the floor around it?
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I just did a basement floor
I used a 6mm vapour barrier under the 2X3 16 cc
I used cedar shimm to level floor and some place piece of spruce.
3/4 plywood for top
then vapour barrier on top and foam insulation pad for the floating hardwood floor
As for the heating i raise the heather of the concret floor and set them about 1 inch obver the plywood floor
hope this help

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Due to moisture, laying 1X3 furring strips atop a concrete floor with no vapor barrier sounds like a really, really bad idea as pine furring strips will rot in short order when exposed to moisture.
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how about pressure treated 1x3's?
I'm kinda on and off about putting a sheet of polyethylene right on the concrete and installing 1x3's on top of it.

thanks, it looks pretty close to what I'll have to do. I'll just have to go with 1x3's not 2x3's due to the low ceiling.
What did you use to attach wood to the concrete?
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hi mike
i used crip con nail if you can find them
or tap con screw. with a hammer drill to dill pilot hole
make sure u lay a vapour barrier under the strips.
for my son in law he lives in canada and i suggested an other way for it real cold in the basement
1. place vapour barrier on floor
2. lay one row of strerofoam the blue type 1 1/2 in. equivelent to R12 insulation
3. lay 5/8 t-grouve plywood over the styrofoam
4. then he laid underpad and carpet
Now the kids can play in the basement barefoot and no cold feet lol lol
hope this helps

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