cement floor help


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cement floor help

Hi! I am new to this site but most certainly not new to the home repair world. I find that I have a unique problem that I just can't seem to figure out and I thought maybe someone here would have some advice or suggestions.

I had an old oil burning furnance removed from my utility room and was left with a 2' X 2' X 2' hole in the concrete floor. I just can't figure out how to fix it. Sounds simple right? Well here is where it becomes the unique problem...

The utility room was an add on to the original house. A hole was puched in the original foundation (the house is on a crawl) to accomodate the ductwork from the furnance. The area under this utility room is not accessable at all from the crawl space. Underneath this area of the floor, you can tell that is was specifically dug out to allow the original ductwork to be installed and nothing else. I have had a new heating and cooling system install and there is a line into this area. When the hole is patched it must be able to allow the boot and grate for this HVAC line to be set in as well. The ultimate plan for the floor in this room is for the floor to be tiled with 1/4" thick industrial type tile.

I can't just fill the hole with concrete because of the new duct work plus the fact that I can't contain the concrete and would wind up having to fill the whole area under this room (which is not an option).

I just can't figure this one out. Hopefully some one out there can give me some ideas...heck at this point I am almost willing to just hire someone to fix it for me but don't even know what kind of professional I would need!
So please ideas?
I would appreciate it.
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that is odd maybe this might work

Have you considered framing a "trap Door"? What I am think of is almost like the old cellar doors. You know the kind where you had yo go outside to get to the basement. I would bet that you could "tapcon" or redhead a frame inside the concrete hole and place this trap door over the frame.
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ok but how would you suggest working the HVAC line into this trap door? and how would I attach the frame into the hole because remember all the work has to be done from above it because there is no access below it...

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