Suspended garage "deck" framing..


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Question Suspended garage "deck" framing..

I'd like to start brainstorming the following project. Let me know if I'm headed down the right path..

I'd like to build a storage "deck" or shelf across the back of my garage. The width of the deck will be approx. 24' wide and 48" deep. I'd like to frame with 2 x 6" 16" OC with a doubled 2 x 6" across the front and a single 2 x 6" across the back.

I'll tack the back 2 x 6" to the back wall and cut away the sheetrock directly underneath to get a secure hold on the wall studs. I'll be using 3 1/2" lag screws staggerred in height in every stud, with 2 in every other.

The "deck" will hang down from the ceiling. In addition to being lagged to the side walls, I'll have a "post" hanging down at 8' and 16'. This post will consist of a tripled 2 x 6" sandwiched on the 2 x 10" ceiling (floor joists from room upstairs) joists with two 1/2" through bolts staggerred. At the bottom of the post, I'll do the same sandwiching on the 2 x 6" deck.

For the deck surface, perhaps 1/2" CDX? The underside will be sheetrocked, acoustic sprayed and have 8' flourescent tubes to light my work area underneath.

Am I headed in the right direction? What would you pros do if it were you? Do I need a structural engineer here? Do I need a 6" I beam?

The stuff that I'll store up there will have decent weight to it... including wheels, tires, etc. so I want to make sure it will be sturdy. Not fun to have stuff crashing down on me.

My last house had the same type of storage "deck" and it was extremely strong, but it was only 10' wide.

See some pictures of the area:
Before drywall... and then after drywall...
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if your talking about "posts" hanging down from above.....I dunno abot that as I've never done it....I know it would intrude on your work space but post underneath may be better...a little intrusion vs. a LOT of stuff (as you said it) crashing down on you.

Just a thought.

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