Sagging floor


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Sagging floor

I bought my house about 3 years ago, the house is about 14 years old. At that time I did not notice a sagging floor in the 2nd floor living room. Over the last year it is very noticable. During this time I had a new kitchen installed (room next to living room) with nice cabinets and granite counter tops. I do not know if this is the cause. I don't even know who to call to get this fixed. I do not know if it is a foundation problem or just a saggy floor. Also I do not know if this is an emergency. Any advice? I am afraid to get riped off.
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Hello & welcome to the forums.

Well the new cabinets (especially if they're solid wood) and the granite counter tops have added considerable weight load on the framing of the house. But w/o knowing more about your situation, it will pretty difficult for us here on the boards to give you any meaningful answers. I would advise that you call at least 3 reputable construction/remodeling firms in your area 7 have them in to assess the situation and give you some estimates. Do your homework first check with the local BBB to make sure you are choosing reputable contractors that do honest, quality work & that any problems are quickly & correctly dealt with. Good luck.
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1) Are you on a slab or raised foundation?
2) Is there a corresponding deflection in the first floor?
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I am on a slab. Also we have a drop ceiling on the first floor. When I lift check it out, it does look like one of the beams is a little bowed.
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Wthout seeing the problem in person or through photos it is difficult to determine the cause however it sounds like by adding the additional weight above the area in question that you made the support beam under the floor to weak to support the additional load you may need to add more beam to the existing beam or add posts to help carry the load of the beam.

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