Bathroom Subfloor: Paint/Flange Problems


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Question Bathroom Subfloor: Paint/Flange Problems

Hi all... Been doing some reading around here and found the help offered to be simply *wonderful* so I thought I'd dive in and post a couple questions regarding our latest bathroom redo. Bear with me as I'm not anywhere near being a professional.

We ripped up the carpet (why do people do that in a bath?!?) in our small bath to discover the particle board underneath was pretty rotted near the toilet and the bathtub. It was obvious this subflooring was put in before the drywall/tile, vanity and tub. We bought some kind of plywood that's moisture resistant sanded-on-one-side stuff that is supposed to be good for subflooring in a bathroom according to the guy at Lowe's. Now here's our situation:

1. Because of the tile on the wall, and the vanity, I need to know how we're supposed to get this subflooring around the flange (toilet is already out). We need to butt it up against the vanity on the right and on the back side and to the left it needs to fit about a 1/4 to a 1/2 inch under the existing wall tile. We can't figure out a way to make it fit in there right without chopping it into puzzle pieces.

2. Does this moisture resistant subflooring need to be sealed/primed in any way to prevent moisture or rot from setting in should there be some kind of unexpected leak/flood?? How well will cheap-o stick-em-tile work on this painted (Kilz) surface?

3. Is screwing the subfloor to the diagonal planks enough or should it reeeeeaallly be glued down first?

4. Do we need some kind of moisture barrier? I've seen around here some posts referring to roofing felt that might go between the subfloor and the flooring (which obviously wouldn't work if we had stick 'em tile)

Thanks for any input. Certainly appreciate it.
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Make life easy, cur it in as few peices as possible, attempting to insure the joints occur over a floor joist.
Don't be concerned with inserting under the wall tile, just remove the particle board to the edges of pullmans and walls and tubs/showers.
Screw this to the floor joists wherever possible and at 6" oc. in the field as well as 4" oc. at the perimiter.
Fill and sand the screw holes.
Place-n-press tiles.....have you no respect.
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Respect or moola...

RE: have you no respect.

LOL... I have respect, don't have money. This is the cheap way out and a (so we thought) quick solution for the carpet until we know for sure if we're staying in this house or not. At THAT point, we'll upgrade and do something a tad more worthwhile.

Unfortunately the particle board has already been removed from under the wall tiles so we feel obligated to refill that gap. He was concerned about stability of the flooring around the toilet being if we cut those into too many pieces.

Thanks for the help.
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One more quick question....

The new subfloor is in. Can someone tell us the best thing to use to seal and/or fill in the cracks between plywood pieces and to fill in and then sand the screw holes with? Joint compound ok on a plywood floor or is there a better product to use in this case?


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