Building partition wall - Basic question. . .


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Building partition wall - Basic question. . .

My 3rd floor is finished - 10' x 35' - walls painted and wall-to-wall carpet installed. Ceiling is 8' high. Currently using it as a playroom, but I need to make another bedroom in our house for our soon-to-be-here daughter. I am thinking of taking about 2/3 of the room for her bedroom and leaving the other 1/3 open as a small playroom loft-type room.

If I divvy up the room that way there will be a large window in her room. There will be 2 a/c & heating ducts in the room. 3 power outlets, ceiling fixture, phone jack and cable jack as well. The 'loft' room will also have 2 a/c vents and two ceiling fixtures.

I want to place the door to her room more towards the right hand side of the room because I plan to build a small closet on the new wall - about 24" x 60" - on her side of the wall in her room. I plan on having a set of double doors, 36" wide, to be able to open to access inside the closet.

So here's my basic question. I assume that in order to build the partition wall, I should cut the carpet, right? I shouldn't just lay the 2x4 down on the carpet & screw it down, right? As for securing the 2x4's to the walls & ceiling I can just secure them right throught the drywall in to the studs, right? I don't have to cut a channel for the 2x4's in the drywall so it's wood to wood, right?

I'd prefer not to cut a channel in the carpet because while I'm handy, I'm not at all savvy about carpet and I know I'd have to get someone in here to secure it down again, If I could build right on the carpet then obviously I wouldn't have a problem. When replacing the carpet in 10 years or so they could just use a box-cutter and get the old stuff out, right? Is this done? Or would it just be too much of a hack job.
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Lay it right on top of the carpet.

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