Framing for a kitchen island - HOW TO???


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Framing for a kitchen island - HOW TO???

Hi - What a great site! This is my first post.

I am remodeling my kitchen. Cabinets will be attached to an island that I frame. The frame will be L-shaped, 5' to 6' on each side. Please see for some pics of the layout, and of the demolition (tons of fun, tons of debris.)

My plan for the island is to have 2x4's screwed to each other and to the floor, then drywall over the 2x4's frame.

1) Are 2" screws sufficient for the wall's construction? For attaching the walls to the sub-floor (the sub-floor is wood slats over 2x8 beams)?
2) How do I construct the corner of the 'L'? What keeps the structure rigid?
3) I believe I need a third and fourth wall for the cabinets (think more 'C'-shaped than 'L'-shaped). Do you agree?
4) Am I missing something? Should this post be moved to a different category? Has this question been answered previously? #'s 38 and 152 from ( AND came close to what I would like to do, but I am a novice and need a bit more detail.

Thank you very much for your time.
-Brett Walker

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Are you referring to something like this? Take a look at this as well - great help! See page 23.

The installation of the kneewall is done, in this case, with a 42" wall, nailed only.

Once the cabinets are in place, the rigidness is done when all are tied together.

Is this helpful?

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