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Unhappy bowed outer wall

Just started a kitchen remodel. After removing the plaster and lathe from the outer wall, I noticed that the had bowed out about an 1" nera the bottom of the right side corner of the window frame. This was cause by a very aggressive plumber cutting out a notch on both king studs to pass the kitchen sink drain line. All that is left of the studs is about 3/4" to 1" of material on the exterior side.

How would I go about trying to straighten it out and supporting it in place after? I was thinking of putting in a full lenght stud after it was straight but the problem is that the new pvc drain line will go throught the same place as the old one did. To complicate things more there is also the steam heating pipe in the cavity against the studs.

How would you Gods of framing go about fixing this? Do you think this is doable by a diyer, or is it best left to a pro?

I will try to get some pictures posted as soon my friend lends me his digital camera.
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Without seeing what you have it is hard to suggest anything but here goes.

Have you placed a 4 ft level horizontally across the wall studs or a string to determine what distance is bowed out (how many studs are effected by this bow)?

Is there any possibility to fir out this entire exterior wall? Are we dealing with soffits? Would this effect your plumbing - drain and water supply lines? Electrical? Do you need to do the entire wall? Would this interfere with your heating pipe?

Any chance to sister 2x to make this wall flat in preparation for your cabinets and countertop backsplash (assuming that this will be covered with cabinets - base and wall)?

Just some thoughts

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