building a stage on an uneven floor


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Question building a stage on an uneven floor

Hi all.

I am attempting to build a raised floor (around 1/2ft tall) on top of an already existing hardwood floor in a warehouse office space I just started to remodel. The big problem is that the floor is all over the place.. it looks like it drops almost four inches, as if it's broken in half in the middle (this is roughly a 300 square foot area).

My goal is to add some nice elements to a rather ugly office space.. I'd like this raised floor to have the snap-together hardwood bamboo flooring.. but i've seen that that stuff needs a very level surface in order to install.

I can't move the floor.. this is a 3 story warehouse with 2ft thick wooden beams everywhere. I can't tear out the floor, or pour cement/filler or any sort over top of it.

Should I treat this as if i were building an indoor deck, and put blocks of wood/posts of different sizes under various corners to level it off?

Any suggestions are appreciated. And by the way I'm on a budget! as long as it's structuraly sound, i don't care if the solution is a hack

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Hi Eric, welcome to the forums. You could do what you're suggesting and build the platform minus the floor sheeting, then drive shims under the frame to level it out. It probably won't be up to code, but should be pretty solid if it's a sizeable platform, it'll weight alot after the sheeting is installed on top.

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