help needed building a frame for large fish tank


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help needed building a frame for large fish tank

i have a tank 120''x72''x36''high weight is 15000lb.Can 2x10 be used to make a square box to rest the tank on like a floor in a home? What are the load
ratings for lumber used like this? How could you build it and what hardware can be used to fasten the lumber? The corner will have concret block holding the box up of the floor.The floor is sold concret .Please give any input you can thanks.
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answered in your order:

1. Yes
You can frame it like the floor of a house, 16 or 24 inch centers.

2. Load rating over 10 x 6 area, 2x10 should be fine.

3. 16d nails would work, or galv. screws.

A note about the concrete blocks on the corners: Why?...You could build 2 such frames out of wood, stack em up, and be done. Then you wouldn't have to worry about load rating either as there would be no "span", just good solid wood sitting fully on good solid concrete. But to answer your question: You'd have to check the concrete block load rating. It depends on the type (solid, webbed).

...and finally....

WHEWWWWWWWWWWWW...concrete floors....ok...I was reading your post thinking..."ya better worry about your floor caving in more than how your gonna support the tank"....but obviously, concrete floor will work nicely. Proly won't even sag over time ...just kiddin

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