Rot, Ants, and a dishwasher mouse


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Rot, Ants, and a dishwasher mouse

I bought a house where the dishwasher is in a cabinet next to a sliding glass door. Seems water came in the door and rotted out the floor. I had a new floor put down before I moved in and the installers put a new 2x14 in front of the door before they put the floor down.

So I move in and an army of ants is marching out from under the diswasher, I pull it out and there's a dead mouse, and a mouse hole in the back corner of the dishwasher cabinet surounded by 5" square of dark and hollow sounding plywood.

I'd like to fix it well, but I'm hoping I don't have to touch the new floor or the cabinet. The other posts talk about skillsawing the rotten floor back to the floor joists but I have visions of dremel tooling out the bad part, patching it with woood putty, stapling down a some green garbage bags and slapping 3/8 plywood on top....

thanks in advance!
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Hello & welcome to the forums. With this being inside a cabinet, I can see why you'd want to take the cheap way out. Bit hard to believe that your contractor didn't notice & repair this as well when the rest of the new floor was installed. Might be something to think about there, but you didn't eloborate so maybe not.

I'd use a piece of metal flashing material to span the hole (instead of plastic garbage bags), then lay a new sheet of material over it. Make sure the floor is solid and that insects or water haven't damaged the underlying framing. I'd use 1/2" exterior grade plywood myself, provided it create height issues with the dishwasher & the cabinet. Hope that helps & happy holidays! :glocke:

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