Metal Framing Question


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Metal Framing Question

For my basement finishing project, I purchased an air-driven cement nail gun. This thing shoots T-nails into concrete. I thought I'd use it to attach the metal sills to the floor. A friend used a gun powered by a cartridge not unlike a .22 that shoots nails with rubber washers for this purpose. My concern is that the T head of the nail won't hold as well, or worse, that if the pressure isn't exactly right, may rip the metal as it penetrates, making a compromised connection at best. I thought I could cut small pieces of plywood, say 1" squares, to shoot through. Am I planning to use the wrong tool for the job? Should I just use the cartridge gun?

Thanks in advance,

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Not familiar with the type of gun you've got, but you should be able to use it provided it's possible to adjust the air pressure to the gun. May take a bit of experimenting to get the proper air pressure so it fastens the pins w/o shooting them clear through the metal framing.

I've always used a hilti or other cartridge type fastening tool. Started out with a hans tool that was fired by striking it with a 1 lb hammer, work ok, but took a few tries to get the proper amount of force in your swing so set the pins right. Few yrs back bought the hilti, which uses a gas cyclinder to to fire the tool, lot less work & quicker to use also, but more expensive tool to buy & of course the cyclinders have a finite life span & must be periodically replaced.

If you can't get the tool you have to work you might think about renting a hilti (or other brand of a similiar tool) Remington & a few other companies make them as well. Anyway like I said they can't be rented pretty reasonably by the day from a tool rental yard.

HTH & Merry Christmas! :glocke:
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Having been talked into the metal basement framing, I offer one piece of advice.

Don't do it. Use wood.

It is a PIA to get the screws in to the outside sill plates. you will need to use a C-clamp vice grip to hold them together, a punch to get a place where the screw can be started (it will want to walk since you come at it at an angle.

If you must go the metal route, you should use your gun to attach a piece of PT lumber to the ground first. Than screw your metal sill plate to the wood. This also gives you something to attach your future trim down low.

Good luck!

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