Securing Sill Plate


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Securing Sill Plate

I'm about to get started on my basement finishing and the first thing I'm doing is framing my walls. I have preasure treated 2x4's for my sill plate. My question is, what is the best way to secure the sill plate to the concrete? Tapcon screws with liquid nails, cartridge fired concrete nails (w/ liquid nails)? Other options? What will meet code?

Is 16" centers enough for this?

Also, Is it best to lay your sill plate then frame your wall, or should I frame the wall on the ground, flip it up and then secure it to the floor.

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any of those are fine

I used read heads but the methods you mention are just fine.

"Is 16" centers enough for this?" Overkill! 48" o/c should be fine.

Your question about the way to frame a wall is a preference thing. I choose t obuild my walls then stand and secure them. If yo ufeel better about building in place then fine. I had plenty of room while working to build a jig and work out of it.
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Spalling concrete with powder guns

Drilling+anchoring would be preferable to shooting hardened nails into mature concrete. Pocking, spalling and reduced holding power would be the result with the powder gun.
Rent/borrow a rotary hammer to quickly punch a hole through both the wood and the concrete before inserting the expanding anchor bolt.

Building the wall in the flat, then standing it up will go more quickly since each stud does not need to be custom cut. Just be sure to allow clearance at the top to tip it into the vertical.
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"the expanding anchor bolt" - are you recommending something stronger than a Tapcon screw?
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A Red head

is an expanding anchor bolt. I used them for the reasons the poster above mentioned. My mature concrete was "powdering" every time I tried to drive a nail so I choose the red head route.
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Stainless expansion bolts with the newer pressure treated wood?

--also--Is the poly coating on a Tapcon enough to prevent the corrosion associated with PT lumber?

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