Low ceiling joist/beam in new home


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Smile Low ceiling joist/beam in new home

I'm having a new home built and it is currently in the drywalling stage. After the drywall was put on the ceiling, I noticed that a ceiling joist or beam was about a half inch to an inch lower than the rest. The drywall now has a slight bulge in the ceiling. At first glance, it's not noticeable. But if you look hard, you can see it.

I am told that the home is being constructed using the "stick built" method (If that helps). My builder has not informed me of the defect or identified it as a problem.

Since it is hardly noticeable, I'm not too concerned about the appearance. But are there structural or other reasons that I should be concerned?

Will this cause problems for me in the future?

I am scheduled to close on this home in a month from now, so any advice or words of wisdom would be appreciated.
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Inform your builder and tell him to correct this. That you are concerned that the ceiling joist was not correctly "crowned" and that the deflection will continue, now that its "loaded".
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Like said get on the builder now . Dont say you can just see it take a string line and hold it up to the ceiling all ways it might be more than you think. Then get on him.Id say they all stick build now . But dont know of anyone that dont use trusses for the roof and ceiling. Cost less.
Yes it can get worst,If its cupping down now it can some more later on. Get it now not on the walk through.

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Is this a first floor ceiling or second floor ceiling?

Joe Carola
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I see way too many joists like you're describing in new homes. I'm with the others on this, speak to your builder about it first thing in the morning, let us know what he has to say. I'd almost lay money that he'll say it's the drywaller's fault.

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