Can I glue the seams of 3/4 t/g OSB


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Can I glue the seams of 3/4 t/g OSB


We're building a new house. Our GC "was" a real piece of trash. Anyway, our 3/4" t/g OSB got pretty wet for almost 2 months during framing. I sanded the seams about 4 months ago. Now some are back up again. Unfortunatly the doors are already in, so adding another layer of sub-floor isn't desireable (unless I cut the doors "up", but I really don't want to do that). I'm going to cross brace the 2x10 joists in these areas and glue the OSB to the 2x10 joists for the entire 1st floor. HOWEVER, drywall is up so I can't easilly add to the 2nd floor sub-floor. Most seams in the OSB are 1/8", but others are 1/4" AND OTHER SEAMS ARE NON-EXISTENT. I HAVE ALSO HAD TO HAMMER ALMOST EVERY NAIL BACK IN AT LEAST ONCE OVER THE PAST 8 MONTHS. My hope is to try to keep the sub-floor together as best I can and also help eliminate some bounce.

SO - my question is, will it hurt if I use sub-floor glue & glue the seams of the 3/4 OSB or is this a bad idea? I also am thinking of smearing a bit of glue over the top of the nail heads to help keep them down.

I KNOW, the best solution is to add another layer of sub-floor, I'm just SO tired and with everything else I still have on my plate, I'm trying to avoid it.

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Hello John and welcome to the forums. Sorry to hear about the bad experience with your GC. I guess my first question is whether there was a contract with some sort of warranty included? With the house only being 8 mos. old I would be looking at the contractor to correct these issues.

Has the finished flooring been put down? I'm assuming you have access to the flooring joist from the basement. The cross bracing will help some, but indeed another layer of subflooring may be the only solution to the bouncy floors. What's the span of the 2"x10"s?
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General Contractor Status:
Fired for incompetance.
Other construction problems = too many - most fixed.
"A" contract = yes
"GOOD" contract = NO. Big mistake. Lesson learned!!
Court = questionable, he already has several liens on his house.

Yes, we picked the wrong GC. We researched a lot, sadly - not - in other counties. The clincher was a high city recommendation. From what I understand, he has closed up shop.

The house is actually 1+ year old = took him 4 months to get under roof.
Finish flooring = NO (1 bathroom tiled).
Cabinets, counters, and appliances installed = Yes.
Doors and casing installed = Yes.
Some baseboards installed = Yes, but not many.
Basement joist access = YES, will drop heating ducts if I have too.

Bouncy floors aren't an issue, just annoying. Most 2x10s span 13'6" and are SPF#2. However, 2 of them span 15'. I will sister these, and a couple other (kitchen) trouble spots, and cross brace all. I will also replace OSB which needs it. That takes care of the 1st floor.

My concern is OSB delamination at the seams - on the 2nd floor - where underside access is not possible. I sanded them flat, but want to make sure they stay down, and don't squeek. Again, SOME seems are as much as 1/4" wide, some are non-existent, most seems are 1/8". Nails are spaced 4" apart, so that's not a problem. Obviously I can't glue them from below, so can I glue the OSB seams from above or will that cause more problems down the road?

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