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New tool for laminate flooring installations, speed-lam

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03-05-05, 08:23 AM   #1  


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Hey [email protected]@, can't you read - no adverts.

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03-21-05, 10:00 AM   #3  
not sure if Matt's intentions were to sell this product or not, but if he was just letting other professionals or DIYer's know about a new product out there, I for one would like to hear about it. I am new to this forum, but if it is this strict on advertising, does that mean that i can't tell other members about this great new tool I bought and awesome it is to use? Like I said I could be wrong and matt was blantely trying to promote a product that if sold he gains benifits from it. It's thats the case then he is a [email protected]@, but if he was shareing is knowledge or experiences then Kudos to him. Just my two cents as a newbie!

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