Moving laundry upstairs....


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Moving laundry upstairs....

Built a 2 story house last year. One thing wrong with the design is that we would like to have the laundry room upstairs....When you walk in the front door there is an area about 7'x7' that is open all the way up to the second floor...I would like to fill that in and move the laundry up question(s) are could I use 2x10 or 2x12 for the joists over that short of span? (currently all my joists are engineered scissor type?...not I beam) What else should I be verifying before moving foreward with this type of project? The utilities for the laundry are available in the wall to the right when you walk in the front door so extending them up and over should not be a problem....although providing venting could be a little tough...

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Hi Doug, welcome aboard!

First thing you had better check with local code office, you're definitely going to have to pull permits being in a metro area like the twin cities. And they'll for sure have something to say about the framing as well. 2" x 10" will definitely carry that load for that size area, you could even use 2" x 8" without a problem I believe if my number are right. But again it's really important to pull your permits and have it all done right, otherwise you could have problems down the road should you ever choose to sell. HTH, good luck & post back if you still have questions.

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