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Termite and water damaged rim/floor joists and sill plate

Termite and water damaged rim/floor joists and sill plate


Old 03-13-05, 11:49 AM
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Termite and water damaged rim/floor joists and sill plate


We have a bedroom edition which has sever termite and water damage to the rim joists and floor joists. My brother in law in his wisdom chose to duct the dryer into the crawl space under the bedroom edition. My husband and I have taken off the week to attempt a repair of said flooring. So, heres the problem, its worse then I expected.

The band is basicly collaping at one end and in several places is like paper mache. From 2 to 6 feet from the ends of the joists are damaged. We were thinking to put in screw jacks in each corner from the foundation to ceiling to support the roof and take the load of the walls/floor. Then remove the old band, cut the joists back to good wood, and replace the ends of the joists. Possibly put in an I-beam as added support for the floor and new joists. We also are looking at re-grating the slope of the the land around that section of the house to redirect water away from the foundation.

So, any advice, suggestions, and/or warnings would be greatly appreciated. And we will also be accepting prayers.


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Old 03-13-05, 06:46 PM
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Hello and welcome to the forums.

While I agree that venting the dryer into a crawl space isn't an ideal situation, I guess I'm not following how this action led to the termites and or the flooding. Do you mean he ran the vent out thru the wall in the crawlspace and water came in thru the vent? Just not following what caused all this, gutter system up & functioning?

As to the damage, it sounds really bad, but I think you've got a good handle on the situation. You have a good plan of attack, but I will warn you to expect the very worst when you dive into this and then be happy if it doesn't turn to be so bad. Good luck and feel free to post back if you run into any snags or just need to confirm something that you're thinking. Just post a reply in this same thread, makes it easier for me and anyone else posting to follow what's happening in the project. Good luck.
Old 03-14-05, 05:04 AM
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adding some info

We think that the moisture from the vented dry may have been part of what attracted the termites. Its a theory only and could be wrong. As for what exactly caused the water damage, we dont know....the one thing we do know is that there wasnt flooding. Both of us think the water damage was do to either the moisture from the dryer or sepiage of water into the crawl space. Exactly from what, not to sure. Any rate, Im glad we started doing this. The area under where my closet was, Well, lets just say that I doubt seriously that area would have lasted much longer. When we pulled up the plywood sub flooring part of the joist tore off with it.

Thanks for the help,

Old 03-14-05, 06:41 AM
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May need to go further

What you describe may have additional consequences since this bedroom is added on.
The addition is connected to the original structure somehow - roof, walls and floor. Start jacking up the addition will likely disturb that connection, even if the addition is raised in a completely even, uniform vertical motion. Since the addition has sagged in a non-uniform manner, examine these connection points before changing anything. You may need to consider disconnecting the addition from the main structure to avoid damage to it.
Since the plywood subfloor is not repairable in some areas, consider removing all of it to gain access to the joists and accelerate the repairs. If it needs replacement anyway, you will save time by being able to work on the joists directly rather than working around areas still covered by flooring. Piecing it in goes very slowly.
Old 10-09-05, 09:48 AM
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The floor is in.

Well, just an update for those who gave their advice. The sill plate, band, and joists have been replaced. The subfloor is on, and we are now turning our attention to framing a new closet and dividing wall. In order to strengthen the pittiful connection the addition had to the rest of the house, we used lag bolts to bolt it on. We plan on doing similar in the ceiling. Oh, while we were replacing the joists, we reinforced a section to be able to handle a large gun safe. I'll post pictures when I figure out how.


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