Roofing over modular


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Roofing over modular

I am building a 900 sq ft addition on to my parents modular and putting a shingle roof on that will cover over the existing modular roof. One, is this code legal, and also how do I attach a header/cap plate onto the modular for the trusses. I plan to use a scissor truss with a small pitch. Probably 4-12. Building everything from scratch.
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This is a very tricky job. It looks alot easier then it is. It is hard to expalin how to do this but I will try to keep this simple and short. You will have to open up the area in the roof over the walls to expose the top plate between the existing rafters. Then you will have to build each area up so that your top plate is at the top of your existing rafters, and this is where you attach you new rafters. There are a couple of things you need to check on first. If your folks modular is sitting on pier blocks, when you add the extra weight to the walls, they will go out of level. Most time this is not done unless the home is on a concrete foundation. I would also complete the new roof over on the house before starting the addition, then go with a hip and two valleys
from the new addition to your existing roof. For your information, you are going to build rafters, not trusses. Trusses are made by a truss machine to very exacting specs. Rafters are built by hand. Also, check with your local code people first. You new roof system will have to carry a 40lb per sq. ft. load. Good Luck

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