Joists in Brick "Pockets" & Save the Floor


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Joists in Brick "Pockets" & Save the Floor

On to the next joyous and fulfilling repair on my 1880 brick hillside.

I went spelunking (cave-diving) in the crawlspace to access the damage. I bumped a joist and the entire thing crumbled into paper dust (termites).

I'm now meditating on the best way to tackle the framing portion of this job.

The construction consists of rough-cut 2x10 joists, spanning about 12 ft, with the ends in pockets in the inner course of bricks. There are big 'ol fat 1" T&G boards on the joists, then some lovely oak T&G boards on top of that. The walls are framed with lathe and sleepers nailed to the brick.

So, I guess I have two questions (ramble, ramble). Can I replace the toasted joists without tearing up the floor? AND, what's the best way to replace a joist that's "pocketed" in a brick wall?
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This is very hard to answer accurately. I would say from what you have told us that the best way is to tear up the floor. The joists have to sit inside of the brick pockets as you call them. If the joist is the correct length, it will be too long to get in there and turn. Just my thoughts. Good Luck
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I agree with Jack, best way is to tear out the floor and go in from the top. Odds are you will have more damage there than you've located so far. No sense doing have the job. Bet that's not what you wanted to hear, but that's why they call it a fixer-upper.
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Thanks guys. I was fishing for the easier, softer way, but that rarely happens.
I'm going to do some research to see how folks pull up T&G boards without destroying them. I'll glady take any suggestions that you guys have.


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