tool suggestion?


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tool suggestion?

I also posted this in the carpentry forum. I'm not sure where it fits best...

Anyway, I want to remove the linoleum and 1/4" underlayment in the kitchen before installing the new floor. Problem is, the toekick is only 2.5 inches tall and 4.5 inches deep. The cabinets are built-in and cannot be moved. So I need to get under the toekick and cut the existing flooring flush with the cabinets.

What can i use to make a close cut in such a small space?
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Are you sure the underlayment actually goes under the cabinets or does it just run up against the back of the toe kick?
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I'm pretty sure it goes underneath. I can doulbe check tonight and say for sure tomorrow (Friday). If it in fact does, do you have a suggestion for cutting it?
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There are at least these 3 options:

An electric die grinder in the long shaft version. HF has these.

A straight grinder (Milwaukee makes one).

A flexible shaft attached to a Foredom powerhead.

All of these will fit into the space described, though you will probably wear out quite a few of the sawblade-on-a-stick cutting wheels.
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Both Dremel and Rotozip's have flex attachments. I think I'll give one of those a try, since I can borrow the rotozip.

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