New subfloor section different height than old


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New subfloor section different height than old

Hello, I am going to be installing new hardwood flooring. I've had to remove old linoleum and replace a section of subfloor. I know the subfloor needs to be as smooth and flat as possible.

My first question:
For some reason, there are seams of differing heights where the new subfloor meets the old subfloor as small as 1/32", up to almost 1/8" (in a small area). Not sure why this is, but what is the best way to correct this problem? I was thinking either belt sanding, or leveling compound.

And secondly:
Removing the old linoleum was a real pain. It might be possible to get absolutely evey inch if it, but I don't have that much patience. However, I was able to get most it. There is only a thin layer of a paper substance left and it's fairly smooth where the paper ends (almost no bump).

I guess what I'm wondering is, exactly how flat does the subfloor need to be? I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I want it done right. Will subtle, gradual changes in height effect the hard wood over time? And if I had to cheat with a seam, whats the best wat to do it?

Thanks in advance.
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Level Floor

In that one low area I would put in a little floor leveler. The rest of the floor sounds fine. Don't woory about the little paper that is left. Your sub floor right now is probably more level then your new hardwood will be before you sand it. Remember, you building a floor not a piano. I am doing a floor right now where the two floors come together is 1/2 difference. When I am done, it will be like glass. Good Luck
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Small height differences in subfloor are less troublesom if the hardwood is running perpendicular to the seam. You want a close to perfect seam if the hardwood is running parallel. Since it sounds like the height difference is irregular, I'd go with filler as Jack suggests.
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Good, the worst difference is perpendicular.

What is the best type of leveling compound? I read somewhere certain types cause problems with nails and screws rust I think. And how far should it feather out?
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Guess I should add that the new floor is prefinished oak.

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