Framing corners


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Framing corners

I know that in framing a corner, 3 studs (or 2 studs and blocking) are needed on one of the two walls to create a backing for the drywall panels. However, can I skip the middle stud or the blocking and just nail the 3rd piece to the top and bottom plates with a 1.5" gap from the 1st stud? Is this commonly done or within code?

I'm using a framing nailer and have troubles with precise nail placement. Often, when I toenail a stud to the bottom plate, part of the nails are sticking out. Due to the angle(s), it is often impossible to drive the nails further in with a hammer. This situation makes it difficult to nail in the 2nd piece flush against the first stud.

The blocking method would work for the above situation but I didn't see a need for the spacers. I find it easier to just toenail the 3rd stud in place with a gap. Am I creating a problem down the line?
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Framing corners

I am not sure if you are creating problems or not, since you did not say what you are framing. What you want to do is not code. We frame corners everyday using a stick nailer and never a problem. Maybe you need more air pressure. I have been building for over 32 years, and I have always used 4 studs on my corners. It may cost an extra $1.95, but it is alot stronger. Your sheetrock nailing faces are always there also. I guess you can build as you see fit. Just my thoughts. Good Luck
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Thanks for the response. I'm framing the walls in my basement. Since you stated that what I am doing is not code, should I rip out the corner studs and start over. My concern is that the top and bottom plates might get damage (i.e., split the ends) if I pull out the studs. Is this a valid concern?

I'm not sure if the problem with the nailing is due to the air pressure. I think I'm just holding the stick nailer at times at a wrong angle. When I'm nailing the studs to the botton plate, I think the nails sometime penetrate the plate and hit the concrete floor, preventing the nails from seating flush with the studs. Any tips on how to hold the nailer at a correct angle consistently?

Sorry if I sound ignorant, this is my first attempt at rough framing.
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Preassemble your corners then toenail.
Leaving the space you mentioned, leaves that corner stud to act independently so that it becomes subject to being displaced and unstable.
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Corner Framing

Don't tear out what you have already done. Just do it right from now on. It sounds to me that your angle is too steep with your stick nailer if you think your hitting the floor. Tip it so you have a shallower angle. Maybe your nails are too long also. 2 3/4 to 3" max for length. Good Luck

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