repair subflooring under tile


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repair subflooring under tile

We've recently discovered a slow leak in our bathroom that, over a few years, has rotted out the subflooring underneath. The area is approx. 6ft by 6ft and is primarily in the open area of the bathroom. However, a portion of the rotten subflooring is underneath (or nearly underneath) a whirlpool tub. All of the affected area is covered with ceramic tile.

From general contractors, I'm getting estimates of up to $3,000 to rip up the tile, replace the subflooring, and put everything back again. With an "unknown" factor in that they may discover more of a problem. My builder suggests that I simply go under the house and cut out the rotten subflooring and somehow put new subflooring in there. Basically, to replace from underneath instead of top-down (and not have to replace all the tile).

My question this a viable solution? Is it possible and acceptible to replace subflooring from underneath a tile floor? Two other notes, there is a concrete layer between the subflooring and tile, and, the joists have not been damaged.

Thanks for your help...
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never like working under prefered over
never know what could come down
all you need it to replace the tile you will take out
and repair ithe floor from the top.
Been there done that

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If your builder has a clearer plan than "somehow put new subflooring in there" then I guess he's got the best solution. Otherwise, any robot can rip it all out and start new, and this will sit better in the mind of the robot.

I can imagine some things the builder might do, unconventional, costing way less trouble and expense than tearing out. I can also imagine it done wrong. How well do you trust your builder?

Whichever solution, with all that weight of concrete and tub, I would also bolt steel along the joists - this doesn't really cost much. Around here clean straight steel is $0.50 /pound from a scrapyard.

Good luck!

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