A levelling question - basement floor


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A levelling question - basement floor

I have a cocnrete basement floor that is essentially level save for one area near a corner in which there is a slight a gradual rise, maybe a 1/4 inch - 1/2 inch . It could be described a hump I suppose, maybe 2ftX4ft in size. I would like to put a floating floor down but I know this area needs to be fixed first. Question is, can I use self levelling concrete to address this issue, feathering it out around the raised hup to basically make the floor a gradual slope in one direction? Another detail, we had old tile removed and the mastic sealed - is concrete still usable over this subfloor?

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Self leveling floor patch is acceptable. What is "mastic sealed"? I would suggest removal of all of it, chemcially etch the floor before applying the leveler.

One this is cured, install your new floating floor.

Good Luck!

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