Need to Replace Planks/Subfloor, what do I do?


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Question Need to Replace Planks/Subfloor, what do I do?

After removing the plywood over the subfloor in my kitchen, I found that an entire corner of the kitchen has rotten wood planks. I went into the basement and looked up, and sure enough the wood is rotted through. This was due to a leak from the kitchen sink that has since been resolved.

The subfloor is in poor shape overall, and I wondered if it was possible to find these planks (?) anywhere, or if it's all done with a different material these days. Otherwise, I just want to replace this damaged corner. Only 3 planks are affected, in about a 4x4 area. (They are set on a diagonal)

What do I do? I'm at a loss. I wasn't expecting to have to replace/repair the subfloor, only the plywood.

Any advice will be MUCH appreciated!
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Cut out the offending diagonal sheating, install blocking to establish nailing and replace with like material.
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It is not critical that you exactly match what was existing- except in thickness. What was there may have been straight 1x6, possibly T&G or something else. Just make sure your replacement is the same thickness (eg: 3/4) As was said, just cut back to a solid point, add blocking where needed to provide solid support for nailing and lay down new subfloor.
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This is great, but one more question...

The area that is damaged is right next to and under the wall. The walls are plaster over drywall. The subfloor is underneath the wall, so there is no obvious way for me to access the wood, and I can't think of how to attach a new material.


The wood is darker colored, and has a bit of a moldy smell, but isn't weak to walk on and when I stab at it with a screwdriver, it does not give. Does it truly need to be replaced, or can I simply use bleach to eliminate the mold, and cover over it with my cement backerboard and proceed with tiling?
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In a word, yes.

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