OSB or Plywood sub floor

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OSB or Plywood sub floor

Hi there,

The new home builder is using engineered sub floor joist with OSB sub floor. I would like to go with Plywood sub floor instead of OSB flooring. The builder is not willing to put plywood sub floor because they said it will void the warranty for the engineered flooring system.

Is OSB sub flooring on Engineered joist system would be sufficent ? I am concern about noisy ( squeeky ) floors. Or must have ply wood on
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OSB t&g is fine. Squeeky floors come from nails that miss the joist and subflooring that is not glued.
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The builder

xxxxxxxxxx OSB is fine!

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Sub Floor

Your builder is correct. It would void the warranety. OSB is the correct sub floor. It is also 12 dollars a sheet cheaper then plywood. The materials do not make squeeky floors, people make squeeky floors. Good Luck
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Hey, Jack. Engineered joists are new kids on the block and I am not familiar with them, other than the fact that I know they exist and have seen them in my trade magazines. Please explain why OSB is required and plywood would void warranty. Inquiring minds need to know. Thanks.
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Engineered Joists

Sorry guys I have not answered sooner. High winds have had us jumping. I believe the question was that in some Engineered Floor systems, the warranty would be void if plywood was used. This is true with some systems.
Basically there are two reasons why some systems require osb in their warranety. 1. The first is that OSB will lay perfectly flat, while plywood will not. The reason is that when making plywood, the plys are are glued together at right angles to each other. OSB is is made in a different manner that is why it wall lay flat. 2. OSB meets or exceeds the standards of plywood given the same thickness. 3/4" T&G OSB is fast becomming the industry standard for sub floors. In fact it is so popular with builders, that most places are always out of it. In many places only a contractor can purchase it. Once production is up to speed, this will cease. Hope this helps.
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if you have a bathroom or kitchen that will have thinset ceramic tile, OSB should not be used as a subfloor. the tile association reccomends against it due to OSB's propensity to swell when wet.

not sure if this applies.
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There is new OSB on the market, in fact it has been on the market for well over a year, that does not swell when wet. It has weep holes in it, and it works terrific. If fact tests have shown that it takes on less water then plywood. Plywood will warp, separate or buckel when wet. The new OSB will not. It is a special order item. It is only available in 3/4" T&G.

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