locking hardwood/subfloor together B4 vinyl


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locking hardwood/subfloor together B4 vinyl

Installing vinyl in remodeled kitchen. Existing floor is ¾” maple hardwood over 1X6 boards. Floor joists are 2X8s, every other one has been sistered but floor is squeaky. Plan is to screw through maple and subfloor into floor joists to “tighten” things up, then add ¼” sanded plywood via staple gun before putting vinyl down. How’s that sound for a plan?

Any feedback appreciated.
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Floors can squeek for a variety of reasons. The t-g edges of the maple are a great souce for squeeks, as are subfloor panels where the nails have worked loose or in older construction where subfloor panels were not glued/screws or glued/nailed and as the wood dried out, same for along walls where the sqeeking can be a result of bottom plate/subfloor movement, to name a few. Sistering the joists helps strengthen the floor and the reduced deflection should help with some of the movement causing squeeks, and you could try going down to the basement or crawl space and shimmin the space between the subfloor/joists as someone walks above you. Best start would be to remove the maple planking ifyou can, and then you can add a layer of 3/4 ac ply and then the vinyl onto the ply or use 1/2" ply and 1/4" underlayment to keep the hight about the same as what you have right now which would be good for appliance clearances, like the dishwasher. Once allthat t-g planking is gone, you should notice a signifiacan decrease in squeeking. If the tounge of the palnk was nailed to far and it spit, it will be an ongoing source of unremediable (don't know if that's really a word, but it sure sounds good squeeking ) sqeeking.

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