Pressure Treated Wood


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Question Pressure Treated Wood

Is there any problem with using PT wood when framing? I have two uses I'm considering, one is in the construction of a 18' by 22' shed, and the other is adding to the frame behind a shower that I'm rebuilding (will use Durock and the current spacing is 24", need to bring it down to 16").

First shed got ate by termites, except for the PT base plate.

I do not know if PT will warp over time or not.
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Pressure Treated Lumber

You can use pressure treated lumber if you want. Lots of people do. Not a problem with it. Good Luck
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Do whatever you want with your shed, PT is fine, but DO NOT use it in the shower walls. It comes so wet and will shrink and twist, etc and the shear forces it caused on the backer will crack your tile field. I'll cut and paste this and put it into your other thread. Please keep all the shower questions in the original thread so all the advice concerning the shower is kept correct for that application. Me, Adanac, RD, and TGB will keep up on it there, but disregard the above advice for shower framing.
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Agree 100% with tilebri.
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Also keep in mind you CANNOT let any aluminum have direct contact with this new PT lumber, it will eat it within a years time.

I heard stories from other contractors in the area having problems, then I got my first call back from a customer last month that we have to replace some aluminum siding panels on a porch.

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