Support for ridge beam in addition


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Support for ridge beam in addition

I am in the process of getting bids on a screened porch addition to my home. The construction of the porch will be ridge and beam, stick build rafter roof in order to have as open a cathedral ceiling inside as possible. Although most of my home is two stories, the area where the addition would be build is actually a story-and-a-half--it is a family room behind the garage, and the family room has a vaulted ceiling whereas the garage has a room above it (albeit you have to step down a few stairs to get from the upstairs of the two-story area to the bonus room over the garage). So the addition would be hipped into the existing roof over the family room (which as I stated is a vaulted ceiling inside).

My question is this: for a ridge and beam construction, the support on the end away from the house is easy to envision--a simple heavy post that extends down to the deck and then to the footers to support the load of the beam. On the other end, I can't envision how the load of the beam would be supported. The issue is that the wall where the end of the beam would sit has four windows in it with a steel lintel above. The contractor indicates that he would add an additional support beam to carry the load of the roof ridge beam and would do it above the existing roof without disturbing the structural integrity of the existing structure. Can anyone help me with a description of how this is done? Could this be done by using jacks on either end of the support beam (on either side of the windows)? The jacks would rest on the top plate of the existing exterior wall. Is this a legitimate method of support? Would the wall have enough strength to support this additional load?

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Why isn't this on your plans? This is a common situation and many solutions to it where it would be specked out from the Architect or Engineer what size beam should be under this post not your contractor.

Joe Carola

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