installing subfloor from under the house


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installing subfloor from under the house

Our house has no subfloor. We are on pier and beam. We are contemplating installing Tyvek or something similar and some plywood to create a subfloor. Has anyone ever heard of installing a subfloor from below - between the joists of the original wood floor. We live in Houston (hot hot hot) and need to seal up the house so we don't roast (and to eliminate vines growing up into the house.) We are wondering if this would create any structural issues like if the house settled or things started expanding and contracting with the seasons.
If we can't install from below, we are considering new flooring over the old, which is a lot more expensive than plywood. Has anyone done this/heard of this being done?
thanks a lot.
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What are the symptoms now?

If you have vegetation growing through the floor or up into the walls, there are probably some excellent weed killers or soil poisons to prevent all growth in the soil under the house. We have used Triox for this under our hot tub for this purpose.

I lived in Beaumont for 7-8 years on a pier-and-beam house, open on two sides and brick chainwall on the other two. It may have had a subfloor, since there was linoleum in the kitchen. In winter, we closed off the open sides with roofing felt. In summer, we left it open. I do not recall having any cooling issues. I lived in Houston for 23 years, but not on a pier-and-beam foundation.

What kind of ventilation is available to the underhouse area?
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The symptoms are - it's darn hot in here! 83 with the central air running right now. We are planning to put down some landscape fabric under the house and build some lattice screens to close in the foundation. Right now it is completely open. There should be a lot of ventilation, I would think.

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