Kitchen Subfloor question


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Question Kitchen Subfloor question

I am in the middle of redoing my kitchen and now I am ready to tackle the floor. My Kitchen is 10x 12 and on the first floor of my house( basement below). I currently have what looks to be 1 x 6s running across the floor joists then 3/4 plywood on top of that then a laminite floor. My question is what should I lay down in order to do a tile floor? Should I rip up the plywood to the 1 x 6's and then lay down Durrock then do the tile? Will this do?
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Are you sure it's not thin ply over the plank with linoleum, then more ply then laminate? Just to be safe, I'd rip it to the planking since you cannot be usre th plywood was installed the right way for ceramic and the ceramic is only as good as what's under it. Once the planks are exposed, check for any old water damage and replace as needed, then add a layer of bc exterior plywood, 1/2" minimum. Don't screw the ply into the joists, just into the planking. Stagger seams and have the short end stop a few inches past the joist, not on it. Then you can use 1/4" cement board over the plywood, set the cement board in unmodified thinset and screw it down. Use modified thisnet to set your tiles and tape your seams as you go. Backer tape is not the same as drywall mesh tape, so get teh correct stuff. No products premixed in a bucket either if you want to have a floor with no problems. Your thinset and grout need to come in powder form. Anything that says "premixed" is a problem waitng to happen. BTW, no cement boards on planks without the plywood between. All these steps are to eliminate movement tranfering to the tile field. Since you are here, how about you tell us your joist size, spacing and unsupported span.

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