more metal framing questions


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more metal framing questions

Finally started measuring and i find the wall height (bottom plate to top plate ) to be exactly 8' 1 1/4". should i be buying 10 feet studs and cutting them down or is it ok to use 8' feet studs with a little gap on top and bottom.

Is it normal to butt the studs between the top and bottom plate (like wood framing) or is it normal to have some gap on top and bottom.

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GO with a double bottom plate and buy the 8 footers. It will give you plenty of extra nailing surface fo any mouldings you put up. I always found that to be the biggest drawback of metal studs.
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Originally Posted by ggops
Hi, Is it normal to butt the studs between the top and bottom plate (like wood framing)
Since you are using a channel top and bottom and the studs are pocketed, they are constrained, and tight fitting only makes installing them more difficult, it is a common practice to cut them slightly shorter.

With regards to your 1-1/4" height difference, you have two choices; use 9' studs cut to length, or setting a single track to the floor, filling it with a stud (hard side up) then setting another track on top of it and using 8' studs, slightly trimmed for length.

When hanging the board you can also use 9' board cut to length and hung vertically or hang it horizontally and cut a 1" ripper.

Pick your battles wisely, its your time you waste.

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