1/2 wall on basement slab


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1/2 wall on basement slab

Hi everyone. Here's a brief run-down of my project...

I'm finishing a "basement" (only 3' below grade) space of a split level new construction home in Minnesota. The concrete slab floor is poored flush up to the block foundation wall everywhere except in the 2 exterior corners of the room, where there is some corrugated plastic material sticking up between the floor and wall. (about 2" up and 20" along the wall in both directions) I assume these are for moisture and/or expansion.

So....if I want the sole-plate to fit tightly into the corner, should I cut off the 2" of exposed plastic, or notch out the back of the stud, or ???

Maybe it's not a big deal, but it's probably there for a reason!

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maybe you could

inset the entire wall 2" then you don't have to fool with it. If you can afford to give up the two inches that is.

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