racking a building


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Question racking a building

I have a garage that shares one partial wall with the house and over the years it has settled to about 2 inches lower than the opposite corner of the garage. I've heard that you can rack a building by cramming a board or sheet of plywood against the rafters at a diagonal and then bang against the bottom to raise the roof? Is this correct? Do you place the board directly against the rafters or do you put it against something else?
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Have you considered the reaction of the roof structure to racking the walls? This effort would be working against the roof structure as well as the house wall.
I recommend consulting a foundation specialist; consider jacking it back up.

Racking the walls is typically done during construction before the full roof structure is in place.
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Rack your Brain

You cannot rack the building like you are talking aobut. It may be able to be jacked back into place, but you have a problem that it will take a pro to fix. IF you start messing with it, it might just come down in a big pile. Good Luck
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Where is the setteling in relation to the structural attachment to the dwelling,
and the overhead door?
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You did not ask anything about nor did you tell us much to go on about the settling. You only asked about racking the roof.
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It was not my question, it was "mseamont" who asked.
Should he/she respond they may learn the correct and safe procedure to "level" a garage.
Would you be up for that?
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My apologizies to you sir. It was measamont I was trying to address. But, if it were up to me, I would tear down the garage and rebuild. I have a feeling there is alot more to this story and roof problem then you or I will ever know.
Again, I apologize. Have a good day.

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